Friday, September 7, 2012

Bakers Peel - prototype no 1 made today

I went to visit my parents this afternoon, to find that my dad had been busy making a prototype bakers peel.  I really like the quirky shape and that it's extra long........ for getting to the back of a very big bread oven.  I have seen images of a baker in Paris - with a variey of sizes including extra long. Click here to see them in use. Our bakers peel is in the early stages of design........ but looking very good.



  1. just how large is the oven I wonder?!

  2. Excellent - even beats the 'Westland' oar in length.

  3. Hello Joanne:
    By the power of Blogger and through our dear friend Faisal we have happily found our way to you.

    It is truly amazing that through Richard Dick the Northern and Southern Hemispheres have been connected in such a delightful way. And, your own work is beautifully impressive. Clearly the Natural World is a great inspiration for your work and we feel privileged to be able to share it.

    We have signed up as Followers in order to stay in touch.

  4. wow, it's nifty! you two look like you're pretty good friends, too.