Monday, October 29, 2012

Museum of Curiosity - progress in design and making process.

The prototype - I'm adding images, text and flaps to get a feel for what it will look like.
I needed this full size cardboard version to experiment with.
filling the museum boxes and putting them in place.
This has resulted in quite a lot of printing and re-printing....
and there are still many things to be ironed out.
Each section is divided to tell a different part of the story :
What happened to Robert Dick's plants after he picked the?
Bugs and beetles - the enemy of the herbarium collection:
Biscuit Beetle and Australian Spider Beetle. I'll be making paper ones.
These will feature in the conservation section.
And the real thing! The metal box is being made to my design,
 (ah no, not by me, but my husband Joe).
Pillow talk is all about Robert Dick baker & Botanist 1811-1866 
 The other man in my life at the moment!!!!!!
First try out of those smooth sliding drawers.
The drawers have a 'stop' on them so they can't be pulled out completely.
I've ordered samples of fabric to print on - the inside text and images have to be durable.
Piano hinges on their way.

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  1. this is so exciting!!!! love seeing it develop