Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pop-up wild flowers.

I'm still looking through the hundreds of flowers in the Robert Dick Collection, and trying to narrow it down to just a select few to feature as the pop-up's in the portable museum of curiosity. Today I stuck at it and (for now!!) These are my chosen 5.  They were all found in Caithness by Robert Dick and have been selected for conservation.
I'm trying to get bold images with a variety of leaf shapes - and not making them to scale.
My small museum boxes arrived too - the 4 boxes with glass fronts which will fit snugly under the shelf. I plan to make a series of insects /butterflies /moths  for these.
The inside of the lid, I think will be left - showing the metal. This is the cardboard prototype.
From Left to Right:
Shepherds Purse
Black Bearberry
( I'm wondering if thi is now known as Arctic Bearberry? )

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  1. i am eagerly awaiting the process of this work! so well thought out, joanne.