Saturday, November 10, 2012

South Georgia Daisy

Yes, I am still researching info for my  project to discover if the Senecio smithii DC (Magellan Ragwort) was indeed introduced to Scotland by whalers visiting South America. The Senecio smithii DC is a native plant of South America.  I've been researching this for a few years now,  inching forward - as it gets put to the back of the list while  working on projects which pay the bills!  Click the tab at the top for the story so far.
And more news of this daisy.............
Earlier this year I was invited to attend the 'Woven Communities' Symposium in St. Andrews in the Anthropology Dept.  A fantastic gathering of experts from around the world, including Shetland. Dr Ian Tait, Curator for Shetland Museum & Archives, and Ewen Balfour - master craftsman and kishie maker. Both have been in touch with info about the Senecio smithii DC .
The Senecio smithii DC (Magellan Ragwort) is apparently known by many different names.
In Caithness it's the Magellan Daisy.
In Shetand it's known as the Australian Daisy, New Zealand Daisy and also the South Georgia Daisy. 
Both Ewen says has it growing hear where he works, and Ian has it in his garden. 
Ewan e-mailed info about Shetland Photographer, Bobby Tulloch.  To see the 3 images of the Senecio smithii DC  taken by Bobby click here  
I'll leave you to click on the photos to reveal dates, names and places..........all adding a bit more to the mystery.

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  1. What a fantastic news!The pictures are wonderful... Congratulations.
    Daisy A M