Saturday, September 28, 2013

Making Connections - Iceland - part 2 of 4

Inspired by the Melness Shoe, found councealed within the walls of a house and now in Strathnaver Museum, I'm on the look out for other concealed mysteries! Click here to read more about concealed objects and the Melness shoe mystery.
Sperm Whale tooth - concealed within walls.......
I've just returned from an Icelandic Adventure. On the last day we visited a Viking Boat Museum -Vikingaheimar .
One object on display was this fragment of a Sperm Whale Tooth.

"Sperm Whale tooth. Ivory from a tooth like this was especially sought after for its whiteness, and would have been a valuable trade good. This worked tooth however was found within the walls of the Vogur Hall. Perhaps it was left there as a thanks to the gods for making an entire sperm whale wash ashore."

Part 3 soon...........
The funders for this Icelandic adventure were Grundtvig, ARCH and the partners in Iceland were Thingborg or 'The Wool House'.


  1. What a fantastic adventure Joanne! Love these stories of whale teeth, viking ships, trips around the world, the preservation and knowledge of history, shoe mystery. Sperm Whale tooth, ancient textile techniques !! Wondering Iceland!

  2. Fascinating! Enjoying reading about your adventure.