Thursday, November 28, 2013

Whalers - my portable museum

First try out of my ideas for inside my whaler /daisy box.  Imagery painted, then photographed, tinkered with a bit, then printed out on thin paper.... the whale at the top inside the lid will be made from copper - 3D.  Still early stages with lots of post-it stickers moving around with info, telling the story of Magellan daisy and whalers, Darwins voyage to South America on the Beagel in 1830's and the return of locals ~(York Minster, Jemmy Button, Fuega Basket - Memory Boat died before the return voyage), traditonal whale boats (pointed at both ends) Fitzroy also used to survey the coast of South America, and the traditional Fuegan Canoes - they carried fire in the centre of the boats  to each new camp (Tierra Del Fuego - land of fire).  Lots to pack in.

The box shape is inspired by a mariners medicine chest.  Whale bone pieces found on a local beach are in a bucket of bleach - in preparation of experimental scrimshaw.


  1. Joanne, I really like the silvery colour of the brushed steel? aluminium? box, suggestive of whales, water and distant horizons.

  2. Hi, the metal is aluminium - light weight.